Senior Grade – Ultimate Harmony

windsor karate yinyang symbol

In any Martial Arts system one needs the structure and knowledge to progress both physically and mentally, development of one’s body and mind will change over time and if the knowledge is made available, the development will be a very positive experience.

Our system is structured to allow continual progress whatever age the practitioner is.

The final stage to our system (at around 70 years of age) is when one has gained a lifetime of experience in the fighting arts, developed one’s  body, focused their mind and gained confidence in their ability.

The journey will have taught the student to:

  • Perfect their character
  • Express a ‘Path Of Truth’
  • Foster the ‘Spirit Of Effort’
  • Honour the ‘Principles Of Etiquette’
  • Guard against ‘Impetuous Courage’

Training now becomes slow and soft, breathing is key and movement natural and smooth. Having developed a complete and in-depth understanding of each and every kata, the seniors now practice the form slowly and in harmony with the elements of nature.