The School Of Karate Progression System

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Our system is structured to allow continual progress whatever age the practitioner is.

Children’s karate (Shotokan) develops a sound foundation of techniques. It will make the body strong and flexible and includes sport karate.

Adult karate (Shotokan) continues to develop the body and this can be enhanced with the use of training aids such as a Makawara (striking pad) and other body conditioning equipment. The training system is anaerobic and develops power and speed.

The Adult Karate Jutsu includes basic techniques and adds many more sophisticated techniques normally experienced and preserved in our kata. These techniques take a considerable amount of time to program the muscle memory to respond involuntary. At this level the Martial Art becomes less aerobic and more scientific.

Kobujutsu training takes the Martial Art to a much higher level and requires a greater degree of experience, as the practice is with weapons which includes sharp points and blades. If one was to be hit the blow could be fatal. Mental focus and confident movement is imperative at this level.